The Bartered Bride

The Bartered Bride                                                  Date: Sunday, Feb, 2017

Written By Bedrich Smetana                                 Venue: Shell Nigeria Hall

Directed & Produced by Sir Emeka Nwokedi           Time:  3 & 6pm

Featuring: MUSON Choir & the MUSON Diploma School Orchestra


Smetana composed the overture that prefaces The Bartered Bride in 1863, while waiting for Sabina’s first revision of the text. It is unusual for a composer to create an operatic prelude without a finished libretto in hand. But Smetana knew that the opera would have what he described as “a popular character, because the plot ... is taken from village life and demands a national treatment.” While several of the themes in the overture reappear during the opera itself in connection with certain characters, the piece hardly relates the story of The Bartered Bride in any detailIt does, however, convey the opera’s comic spirit, and something of its folkloric tone.